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How to Protect Your Gardner Manufactured Home During Tornado Season

Are you reviewing your options of manufactured homes for sale in Kansas? In addition to new and resale mobile homes, you’ll find a wide variety of mobile homes for rent in Gardner. Regardless of whether you are renting or buying, this could be a great way to live in a beautiful Gardner home while saving money.

Concerns about Tornadoes?

While there are a great many number of benefits associated with living in a manufactured home, some have concerns about how to survive a tornado in a mobile home. Here are some fast facts and tips about mobile home tornado safety.

Unless you live in Antarctica, tornadoes are a concern. Some areas, such as Tornado Alley, experience more common instances of high-force winds. It isn’t just manufactured home dwellers that have concerns about sustaining wind damage.

If you are in a scenario with 100 miles per hour winds, your home could sustain damage, whether it is an expansive manufactured home, a smaller mobile home, or even a site-built house that seems absolutely solid. Don’t let the stigma associated with manufactured homes due to weather concerns stop you. Research and precautions can help you minimize your risk of damage.

Manufactured Home Building Standards are More Rigid Than Ever

Older mobile and manufactured homes may be at greater risk for vulnerabilities during bad weather. But because of standards in place since 1976, The US Department of Housing and Urban Development requires precautions to be taken in the construction and materials used nowadays.

In high wind areas in particular, there are stringent standards in place. The outcome for mobile home residents due to Hurricane Andrew in 1992 prompted even more rigid standards, requiring construction sustainability standards that would ensure buildings could withstand specific wind speeds. HUD Zone 1 areas require wind gust resistance of seventy to eighty-five miles per hour. Those standards in II and III Zones (such as the Gulf Coast, for instance) increase to being able to withstand wind gusts of over a hundred miles per hour.

In addition to building codes in newer manufactured homes, there are additional precautions can help you be prepared so that you minimize risk. Here are things that should be kept in mind if you live in Tornado Alley:

  1. Ground Anchors and Tie Downs: The anchors for your manufactured or mobile home should be inspected on a regular basis (at least every five years, if not more often) to ensure all is well. Regularly examining additional tie downs is also advisable.
  2. Add-Ons and Tornado Preparedness: If you have after-market additions to your home (canopies, carports, sheds, etc.), this could increase your chances of problems during a tornado as that structure could break away and/or make your building less stable. The building safety standards are designed for your building based on its dimensions and weight of construction materials. Adding additional living space will alter the ability to sustain high winds.
  3. Loose Items: Garden furniture and anything left on the property could become airborne during high winds. Securing your belongings is important. Many experts recommend subscribing to text alerts for weather warnings for your area.
  4. Have an Emergency Plan: If you’re in a high-risk area or if you hear of a tornado watch or warning, have a plan to ensure the safety of yourself and your loved ones as well as to prepare to ‘batten down the hatches’ so that not only is your home at lower risk of damage but that you don’t have items on your property that could cause further damage to people or nearby properties.

Most importantly, go somewhere safe. By doing your best to secure your home and minimize outdoor items that can cause damage, you’ll lower the risk of damage. Ensure you are also aware of shelters for safety during a tornado.

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